Benefits of Debt Consolidation

Jill RobbinsMany people in the US shy away from debt consolidation simply because they do not understand how it works or they are not aware of its benefits. Debt consolidation, also known as credit card consolidation is the process of taking out a new loan to pay off all multiple debts or credit card balances – often at a lower interest. Debt consolidation provides a number of benefits for US individuals with a great deal of outstanding debt. Some of the benefits include:

Allows individuals to make a single payment

Debt consolidation involves getting a single loan to payoff an individual’s smaller loans, thereby leaving a person with just one monthly payment rather than several. One does not need to worry about multiple payments and multiple deadlines every month. This allows an individual to focus on the debt to ensure it’s paid off quickly. In many cases one’s monthly payment becomes much smaller because there is a longer period of time to pay off the loan.

Debt consolidation improves individual’s credit score

One of the things that hurt most US individuals’ credit score is the habit of making late payments on their accounts. Consolidating one’s debts into one place and staying on top of the payment helps to rebuild their credit score.

Lowers the interest rate

Debt consolidation helps US citizens who are troubled with debt to save a significant amount of money on interest. It’s common to find people with multiple debts having maxed out credit cards. Credit cards have very high interest rates unlike most other interest rates in the market. By utilizing a debt consolidation loan, one gets a cheaper interest rate which allows them to save money on monthly payments.

Stops annoying collection calls

Utilizing a debt consolidation loan eliminates the collection calls phenomenon. Usually, indebted US individuals get behind on their payments. What follows is creditors turning their account over to a collection agency. Individuals with huge debts receive stressing multiple collection calls now and then. These calls are very annoying. Taking out a debt consolidation loan allows one to pay off their outstanding balances and eliminate the collection calls.

Stress reduction

Debt consolidation helps individuals to reduce stress. Debts are a source of stress in the US and can completely interfere with an individual’s life. Taking out a debt consolidation loan allows an individual to stay focused on other important things in life without any stress. Debt consolidation helps indebted US individuals to get a taste of long term financial health along with being released from debt.