Who is the Best Chiropractor in Kelowna, BC, Canada?

Dr. Ryan Blouin is Easily One of the Best Options for a Chiropractor in Kelowna, BC

Source: http://kelowna-chiropractic.ca/ – What first interested me in visiting Dr. Blouins’ office was the (somewhat surprising) discovery that this office was the original team chiropractor for the Kelowna Rockets. It’s the kind of thing that immediately makes my skeptical because I tend to assume (not always correctly) that such ‘celebrity’ status sometimes results in not as good care. Well, I’m more than happy to report that this was one of the cases where I thoroughly and absolutely proven wrong 🙂

Let me back up a bit and explain that I have quite a bit of experience with Chiropractors and am particularly skeptical of many of the claims of ‘typical’ chiropractors until I’ve investigated their practice and satisfied myself that they are worth going to. In analyzing this, there are a few things that I look for – the first being testimonials and reviews from other patients. What you want to look for are testimonials where patients have actually experienced a clear and noticeable difference instead of testimonials about how nice a doctor is, or how ‘calm’ a person feels. Those are things that should be considered secondary, in my opinion at least. In any case, I got a hold of some testimonials after asking Dr. Blouin for them:

“I woke up and could not stand up straight due to severe lower back pain. I never had any kind of back pain before – I was not able to drive my car; it was very painful to just ride in a car. My family doctor gave me a prescription for steroids, but a couple weeks later I woke up to the same lower back pain. After a second round of steroids that helped only slightly, I received an MRI and was informed that I had a bulging disc and my doctor made me an appointment with a surgeon. The same morning my husband saw an ad for Dr. Blouin and when I read it, I called right away for a free consultation. I had been assured that if Dr. Blouin could not help that I would be told. I found Dr. Blouins’ staff and Dr. Blouin very nice and helpful. The other patients that I talked to with while I was there spoke very highly of Dr. Blouin. I also saw the surgeon who said I needed physical therapy and if that didn’t work, surgery was the next step. I didn’t like the idea of surgery, so I chose to give decompression a try. My biggest surprise was that the treatments were not painful at all, as a matter of fact, they felt very good. I have now completed the decompression treatments and I’m able to drive again, my life is back to normal. I no longer fear driving/riding in the car or hitting one of Columbus’ many potholes that used to hurt so badly. Thank you Dr. Briggs, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me my life back!”


“The years of my life have revolved around training and showing horses, snow and water skiing along with various other sport activities. These years have also accumulated, shall we call them “war injuries,” in this type of sport activity. My profession created many hours sitting at a computer, sitting in meetings with clients and many hours of riding in a vehicle, thus creating a severe problem in my lower back. While use of a chiropractor was a means of adjustments for my horses, I was not a believer for this treatment for myself. However, with my debilitating problem which had worsened to the degree of the inability of walking, sitting, standing or sleeping without constant pain, I arranged a meeting with Dr. Blouin. After a thorough examination, I had two choices, surgery or spinal decompression. After three months of treatment with a spinal decompression program, I am PAIN FREE!!! One’s gratitude seems insufficient to Dr. Blouin and his staff for all they have done for me. Nowhere else can one find such excellent care, constant concern for ones wellbeing and the significant steps they take to maintain and progress in their profession.


“Since becoming a patient of Dr. Blouin I truly feel better than I have in many years!!! Besides the original problem that brought me into the office, I have noticed other things in a very positive way. Among these are a huge reduction in neck and shoulder stiffness, more flexibility and most noticeably a lack of headaches that plagued me 2-3 times a week for many years. WOW!!! I actually look forward to going to the doctor. I feel confident that my lifestyle will only get better. I believe myself to be a “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” type of person. Well, just let me say that in this case, you have made me a believer.”


Pretty encouraging, right? That’s what I thought too 🙂